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This is a FREE 6 week course of small groups of women that get together once a week to set goals, gain the tools, and momentum to start building a legacy. Goals come in many different varieties. To some it may be being a better parent, security financially, growing your business, or becoming fluent in a new foreign language every 2 years, well whatever it is as long as it is attainable, why can’t you achieve it? Not only are there benefits to achieving your goals mentally, emotionally, and physically, but there comes an additional blessing when done in a safe group of support, accountability, and authenticity from positive women who want to cheer you on!


Meet Stephanie Booth
Nervous system regulator 

Did you know>>>


Your brain is a brilliant organism! check this out...

  • Locke and Latham have shown us that there is an important relationship between goals and performance.

  • Giving up a goal takes a psychological and physical toll

  • Sharing your goals with friends improves your chances of reaching them.

  • When you set a goal, your brain will immediately begin producing obstacles pointing the way

  • The part of your brain that creates emotion (your amygdala) evaluates the degree to which the goal is important to you

  • The part of your brain that does problem solving (your frontal lobe) defines the specifics of what the goal entails.

  • If you strongly desire a goal, your brain will perceive obstacles as less significant than they might otherwise appear

"The need for change bulldozed a road down the center of my mind"

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