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GAP leaders believe EVERY WOMEN should have access to the tools, support, and resources they need to not only survive the season they find themselves in but to thrive!!! Here GAP leaders offer their highly paid skillsets & knowledge to help everyday women get to that next step in life free of charge or at discounted rates.

"Not one person is made for every tribe, but there is a tribe for every person"

Monthly & Bi-weekly 6 lesson course. This is a small group of women that get together to set goals, gain the tools and momentum to start building a legacy...

Time: Monthly & Bi-weekly

Size: Small group

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GAP: Growth Aspired People 

Stephanie Booth is a mindset coach dedicated to helping female entrepreneurs to achieve the success they desire through financial breakthroughs. She is an expert at identifying human behaviors & uses those destructive tendencies and helps turn them into empowering ones.


Time: once a month for 6 months, time TBD

Size: Small group

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Mindset Challenge

This course will give women the tools to build a bridge between employee & employer. Topics will include human relations, time management, workplace rights & regulations, and how to avoid burnout. After taking this course, you will have the confidence to articulate, advocate, and win at leading a positive work, home, and community environment.

Certification available from SENATOR BRIAN JONES OFFICE upon course completion

Financial Meeting

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GALGrowth Aspired Leaders

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